Life Sciences

Specializing in Medical technology and Pharmaceuticals

Recruitment Driven by experts

All our recruiters have an academic and/or professional background in the life science and healthcare sectors. As with all our placements applicants are viewed through the eyes of a hiring manager. We do not subscribe to box ticking methodology for our recruitment process.

Quality above Quantity Approach

We use a focused, qualitative approach to candidate selection, with an emphasis on capabilities and culture. Because of that, our process has proven to have a higher success rate in the long-term. Also, that is why our candidates are backed by a replacement or refund guarantee

Connected to the Best Talent

The Lewry TSE AG network has thousands of qualified candidates dispersed throughout all departments of world-leading companies. That makes it our mission to deliver a service that enables clients to grow their company and enhance their business. We do that by helping them successfully hire exceptional people.

Swiss Market Knowledge

Lewry TSE has been operational in Switzerland since 1995, which allowed us to build a vast network of local and international talent with a proven payroll system and industry-leading immigration support.

Open positions

Med Tech Engineers