Safety engineer

The role is responsible for performing system safety engineering on behalf of our client in Turkey. Project is relating to the development of a new military aircraft.

  • Prepare, perform and coordinate the aircraft/system safety activities as part of the overall Systems Engineering process,
  • Perform Functional Hazard Analysis (FHA), Fault Tree Analysis (FTA), and Common Mode Analysis (CMA) according to SAE ARP 4761,
  • Perform Particular Risk Analysis (PRA) and Zonal Safety Analysis from the beginning of the process to the end, according to SAE ARP 4761,
  • Develop safety arguments (e.g. Aircraft Safety Assessment (ASA)/System Safety Assessment (SSA)) across a product lifecycle,
  • Perform Hazard Identification and Risk Management in accordance with MIL-STD-882E or UK MoD Military Standard (Def-Stan 00-56) or equivalent,
  • Derive, validate and verify safety requirements,
  • Assess the effects of the certification authority’s comments to safety documents,
  • Perform the safety synthesis (display to which extent the safety activities are completed, summarize the results of the safety activities etc.),
  • Report any unresolved problems related to system safety activities,
  • Ensure that system level safety activities progress parallel to the system design development and certification schedule,
  • Support the development the critical skills (tools, methodologies, human resources etc.) and capabilities of Turkish Aerospace.

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Safety engineer